History of Morecambe Football Club The Early Times

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History Of Morecambe FC  Since 1920


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From information kindly supplied by club statistician Lawrence Bland

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Football in Morecambe is a story with its origin well before the current Morecambe Football Club came into being in 1920 and the first known football club with the name of the town had its roots in the summer game. Morecambe Cricket Club was formed in 1889. They played at the appropriately named Summer Gardens, where Regent Park in Morecambe's West End is now, before moving to a site behind the Midland railway Station, but by 1897 they appeared to he sharing the rugby field at Moss Lane. At this point the decision to start a football section was apparently taken.

The team's first season was 1897-98, though only a few friendlies were played. Known results with identified scorers were:-

November 4

Lancaster Moorlands Athletic


December 11

Freehold Athletic


December 27

Bradford Association (a)


Sanderson 3 Lamb 2

January 15

Freehold Athletic (a)


January 29

Furness College (h)


Wilkie 2 Woodhouse

February 5

Greaves Junior (h)


April 8

Leeds Belle View


April 11

Bradford Airedale (h)